Friday, September 3, 2010

what quality best describes mine life

ADVENTUROUS!  when we is not working we is always doing crazy adventurous things!  this week especially we beened adventurous a lots.  a coople ob days a go we was snurfing and i decided i wanted to snurf UP the water slide instead!  it was so epic and funs.  tha day before that we went up to 4000 feet and put on pink cows and sparklers and chuted down and landed right on da house!  i decided it would be a good time to play tampboreens too!  brudda faceplanted but luckily him was fine.  tha same day i snurfed up tha slide we went up 4000 feet and made a building physical wif chairs built in, added phyicals cows and turned tha building physical and dropped it!!  wow it was awesomes!  we hab also built stairs 350 feet in da air all around our sim to look for da moon and drove stuff back down them.  and once we flooded mama's house by pumping in water from da riber and once we turned auntie riber into slurpee!!

link to mine adventures pictures


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