Wednesday, September 29, 2010

once i was frightened because ....

auntie daddy breaked mine leg!  her was bowling in tha street where we all libe and tha bowling ball went outta control and slammed into mine leg!  i fell to tha ground and started to cry.  i fink i almost passed out wif pain.  den audra and brudda was gonna opernate on me right dere in tha street wif a hammer, saw, elastic bands and rice krispie treats.  dat made me wanna pass out again.  den i hadda go to tha doctor and me was so scared.  tha doctor telled me iffin i wasn't good den them would have to rebrake mine leg!  it was so terrifyings!  den 2 days later i dropped a house on mine self when i was in mine bedroom and i cwashed through da floor into tha entry way ob mine house.  i had to go to tha doctor AGAIN and i broked mine arm.  it was all bery terrifying.


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