Monday, August 30, 2010

why is it importants to save endangers species ....

it is importants to save endangered things because once they gone they gone for good.  we can't go back in time and get them back.  we have to take care ob our world and tha things in it.  so many things from our world is already gone so it would be so bad to lose more.  and iffin we losing animals and stuff that prolly means we is making tha world even worse for us!

Friday, August 27, 2010

what i thinks about people who takes advantage ob otha people

i think people that take vantage ob people is wrong.  really there is differnent wats to takes advantage and bof not right. 

one way is not to appreciates what someone does for you and you take advantages ob thems kindness, times, efforts and sometimes monies.  this kind tha person might not mean to does it but it still not right.  you should always let people that help you in all ways know that you appreciates it.

and tha 2nd way is some peoples set out to takes advantages and schemes to get things for free or something.  this kind is tha worst cause tha person is trying to be bads.

there is otha ways too but eiber way taking advantages ob people is wrong! 

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

mine super power would be .........

Anti-Drama Glitter!  Iffin anyone got dramay me would shoot pretty glitter outta mine wrists like spiderman.  Well except it would be pwetty and not gwoss.

Tha pwetty glitter would cover they inna cloud and make tha drama go away.  The world would be happy and drama free den!

Up up and way it Super Glitter Rory to tha rescue!

Monday, August 23, 2010

what dos the month ob august makes me think ob?

the month ob august makes me think that fall is comings!  i likes fall because tha weather is cooler so you can wear warm fuzzy sweaters.  i likes not being to hots!  august makes me think that school coming too!  and that soon all tha trees will turn pwetty colors ob yellow, red, orange and brown.

i like fall A LOTS so augst makes me happy that it will almost be here.  i like fall foods too!  yummy fresh veggietables and fresh fresh foods!

this august was pecial cause we was dopted by mama so ebery august past this will remind me on that!  so now augusts is sooooo awesomes!