Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what i love about fall!

1) i love all tha pretty fall colors on da trees!
2) thanksgiving is in da fall and i love thanksgiving.  thanksgiving make me feel warm and fuzzy and i love turkey and dressing!
3) halloween is in tha fall and i love halloween sooooo much.  it so fun to dress up and decnorates and gets candy.  also you can get all spooky and scare people and watch scary movies.
4)  jumping in tha leaves that you mama or daddy rakes up is super fun!
5)  i love tha cooler weather so you can go pway outside and tha air is cool but tha sun is warm and cozy and you cheeks get all pink and rosey.
6) fall clothes is awesomes with sweaters and boots and fun ssessories.
7)  FOOTBALL!!!!!  GOOOOOO giants!!!!


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