Wednesday, September 29, 2010

once i was frightened because ....

auntie daddy breaked mine leg!  her was bowling in tha street where we all libe and tha bowling ball went outta control and slammed into mine leg!  i fell to tha ground and started to cry.  i fink i almost passed out wif pain.  den audra and brudda was gonna opernate on me right dere in tha street wif a hammer, saw, elastic bands and rice krispie treats.  dat made me wanna pass out again.  den i hadda go to tha doctor and me was so scared.  tha doctor telled me iffin i wasn't good den them would have to rebrake mine leg!  it was so terrifyings!  den 2 days later i dropped a house on mine self when i was in mine bedroom and i cwashed through da floor into tha entry way ob mine house.  i had to go to tha doctor AGAIN and i broked mine arm.  it was all bery terrifying.

Monday, September 27, 2010

what i like about halloween

i like halloween a lot.  it is such a fun time ob year for so many reasons.  decorating da house is so funs.  eberysing gets all spooky and creepy.  you get to dwess up in costumes and it so funs to choose what to be!  iffin you going to lots ob pawties you can maybe be a few differnent things.  and one more things awesomes about halloween is CANDY!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

what i learned so far in miss nevy's class

tha first day ob school we learned about johnny apple guy and that was so muches fun.  then also we hab done spelling and i get good marks on all mine tests.  we hab learned about nouns and adjerktives.  we hab learned about cinquain poems and sllobals toos.  and we learned all about biomes and did a projeck about it.  everything habs been so much fun i can't wait to see what we does next month!

Friday, September 17, 2010

what if cows gave root beer insteda milk ......

i fink da cow would be very gassy!  that poor cow would create fizz walking around and then have to burp a lot.  but tha kids ob tha world would be very happy drinking lots ob root beer.  dentists would be happy bacause all us kids would hab cavities.  and our parents would cry cause we would be sooooo hypers!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

what i love about fall!

1) i love all tha pretty fall colors on da trees!
2) thanksgiving is in da fall and i love thanksgiving.  thanksgiving make me feel warm and fuzzy and i love turkey and dressing!
3) halloween is in tha fall and i love halloween sooooo much.  it so fun to dress up and decnorates and gets candy.  also you can get all spooky and scare people and watch scary movies.
4)  jumping in tha leaves that you mama or daddy rakes up is super fun!
5)  i love tha cooler weather so you can go pway outside and tha air is cool but tha sun is warm and cozy and you cheeks get all pink and rosey.
6) fall clothes is awesomes with sweaters and boots and fun ssessories.
7)  FOOTBALL!!!!!  GOOOOOO giants!!!!

Monday, September 13, 2010

is i was a mouse in mine house for a ebening what would i see?

i would see lots ob cookies crumbs cause heath loves cookies like crazies.  i would see lots ob other animals cause mine family gots lots ... dogs, a cat, donkey, bunnies, hamsters and horses.  i would see human me and brudda running all over wif our friends like crazy peoples especially it is a night mama and auntie daddy is gone out dancings.  i fink i would see so many fun things!

Friday, September 10, 2010

september reminds me ob ....

FOOTBALL!  september is awesome because football starts again.  after sooooo many months mine giants is back on da field.  sundays in september makes me so happies.  especially when dey win!!

sadly september also reminds me ob 9-11 when tha bad men craswed planes and lots ob peoples died.  dis makes me bery sad.  i wish so much september dit make me think ob this, i wish it neber happened.

also september reminds me ob back to school and new book bags and clothes and shoes!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

what would happen if kids ruled da world

if kids ruled da world tha food groups would be slurpees, sodas, chocolate, cookies and pizza!  we would neber hab to wear clothes we dint want to and iffin we wanted to wear all mis matches we could!  i fink dere would be less war and violence cause we so lobing.  we would all need helmets cause we all be running around wild and crazies but we wouldn't want to get hurt!  tha world would be sooooo muches fun!

Friday, September 3, 2010

what quality best describes mine life

ADVENTUROUS!  when we is not working we is always doing crazy adventurous things!  this week especially we beened adventurous a lots.  a coople ob days a go we was snurfing and i decided i wanted to snurf UP the water slide instead!  it was so epic and funs.  tha day before that we went up to 4000 feet and put on pink cows and sparklers and chuted down and landed right on da house!  i decided it would be a good time to play tampboreens too!  brudda faceplanted but luckily him was fine.  tha same day i snurfed up tha slide we went up 4000 feet and made a building physical wif chairs built in, added phyicals cows and turned tha building physical and dropped it!!  wow it was awesomes!  we hab also built stairs 350 feet in da air all around our sim to look for da moon and drove stuff back down them.  and once we flooded mama's house by pumping in water from da riber and once we turned auntie riber into slurpee!!

link to mine adventures pictures

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

if i could be any animal what would i be?

i would be a baby beluga in da deep blue sea.  i'd swim so wild and i's swim so free.  heaven abob and tha sea balow and a lil white whale on da go!  i'd be a baby beluga so i could swim and folic and hum tha song about me allllll day and ejoy tha beautious ocean!  i bet it would be so fun to frolic wif mine beluga friends and family!