Monday, November 29, 2010

mama is leaving ........

today we is aloud to write about whatever we want so i chooses this.  one ob tha most tramatical events in mine short lil life.  more tramatical the when auntie daddy broked mine leg wif a bowling ball and brudda and audra was gonna opnerate right there on tha street wif a hammer, a lastic band and rice krispie treats.  more tramatical then audra leaving me for this month and trust me is tramatical.  i cryed for 45 whole minutes when her sayed bye bye.  this big tramatical even in mine life is mama leaving for 8 whole days to visit auntie daddy in tha reals.  so while thems will be galavantings around having fun together i will be sad and miserable.  8 whole days is like 2 years really.  i must stop writing now cause i can't see through tha tears  *sniff*


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